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Collaboration and Team Excellence: Enhancing collaborative intelligence and team performance requires developing a common language and establishing alignment among employees. Building collaboration demands that each employee holds the knowledge that they are a part of something larger than themselves and that what they bring to the business is an important part of the result. McNeil and Associates brings insight and valued expertise to leading organizations that understand that employees and their contributions are the most important resource to the achievement of organizational success.

Leadership: McNeil and Associates understands effective leadership requires vision, courage and persistence, along with skills to inspire others toward a common goal. Leadership is the primary principle behind a successful organization and a fledgling one. Leaders inspire and therefore, allow the process of learning and achievement to unfold naturally. Effective leadership engages the full potential of skills and talents of others.

Managing Change Understanding how to respond to change is a critical component of any thriving organization. Leading and managing change requires innovation and vision for maintaining balance while effectively adjusting to a new state or circumstances. Leaders are called to seize control of the organizational destiny by maintaining equilibrium and providing adapted strategies to effectively manage and temper the consequences of change.

Diversity & Inclusion and Engagement: An “engaged employee” is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work, and acts in a way that furthers their organization’s interests. When employees feel valued they are more engaged and dedicated to their role. Organizations that successfully exhibit value for its employees experience lower levels of turnover and increased productivity. An increased customer services level translates to greater profitability.


The McNeil and Associates training and development methodology is based on the foundation of self-awareness which is defined as “intimate knowledge of oneself.” As individuals understand their strengths, tendencies and motivations they become more conscious and aware of the gap between current behaviors and the behaviors that align to standards set forth by the organization. The enhanced self understand allows them to accept their role in the organization with deliberate action, greater sense of purpose, commitment to team work and achievement of personal satisfaction.

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Customized Training and Development
Executive Coaching
Human Resources Management
Diversity and Inclusion
Change and Organizational Transformation
Career Development
Improved individual and team productivity
Enhanced morale and company culture
Greater innovation and creativity
Increased performance and profitability
Retaining Talented Employees
According to research from the Harvard Business Review , 40% of internal job moves made by people identified by their companies as “high potentials” end in failure. The reason these people fail often comes down to three critical factors:
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As employee disengagement grows, so does the risk of talent loss. Corporate Executive Board research has also found a 13% increase in the number of high-potential employees desiring to leave their current companies. Another metric to calculate a portion of the cost of employee disengagement in your organization is to consider how many of your talented employees left in the last year. How much did you spend on training those employees? And how much will you spend to train new employees? Learn more..

McNeil & Associates Educational Consulting provides professional training and consultation to develop effective data plans, data leaders, data coaches, and data teams with the goal of improving teaching and learning in all classrooms.

• Builds a culture of collaborative inquiry

• Develops data teams and data leaders

• Improves learning for all students

• Helps close the achievement gap

• Is a process of systemic school reform

• Uncovers the root causes of student performance issues

The range of professional development programs provide instruction in using data process, developed based on research-based expert opinions derived from strong findings, theories, case studies and descriptive studies with moderate to strong evidence. Sharnell Jackson is an innovative educational leader with 35 years of exceptional results as a classroom teacher, building administrator, district administrator, and consultant.

She has a strong record of designing and implementing comprehensive curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development solutions to enable 21st century teaching and learning, improve teacher quality, strengthen administrative leadership, and increase student achievement.