McNeil & Associates Educational Consulting provides professional training and consultation to develop effective data plans, data leaders, data coaches, and data teams with the goal of improving teaching and learning in all classrooms.

  • Builds a culture of collaborative inquiry
  • Develops data teams and data leaders
  • Improves learning for all students
  • Helps close the achievement gap
  • Is a process of systemic school reform
  • Uncovers the root causes of student performance issues

The range of professional development programs provide instruction in using data process, developed based on research-based expert opinions derived from strong findings, theories, case studies and descriptive studies with moderate to strong evidence. Sharnell Jackson is an innovative educational leader with 35 years of exceptional results as a classroom teacher, building administrator, district administrator, and consultant.

She has a strong record of designing and implementing comprehensive curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development solutions to enable 21st century teaching and learning, improve teacher quality, strengthen administrative leadership, and increase student achievement.